Real Conversations, Real Easy

On one side, your contacts get to text you on your landline or a published text number that you promote for their convenience. On your side, a text comes into Captivated and you get to handle it or easily transfer it to the right department or individual.

Let’s face it

No one picks up their phone anymore. Robocalls are killing the effectiveness of the telephone.
“64% of respondents say they NEVER ANSWER calls from unknown numbers.”

“Only 1/3 of people will listen to voicemail from business”

The Icing on the Cake
Text is commonly used to quickly talk with friends, co-workers and loved-ones. With business texting, you can leverage the fact that quick responsive texts back and forth drive trust and create that connected feeling. If you told your friend, “hey, I know a guy there, let me shoot him a text.” – the immediate response is that you must be close friends.
No Crystal Ball Required
5 years from now texting a business will be commonplace. What would happen if all of your customers were connected to your business via text? After all of those one-on-one conversations, wouldn’t they feel more like friends than just names in a database?

5 Simple Steps to Success

1. Promote a Better "Call-to-action"

In all of your advertising and marketing and use our website widget to drive additional leads. ~ “For Your Convenience – you can now call or text us at xxx-xxx-xxxx.”

2. Share Your Digital Business Card

Before during or after the sale / In person or on the phone.

3. Build a Great Experience

When a new text comes in, who is going to handle it and what options do they have? With Captivated, all conversations can be routed to the right team or right person immediately to give your client the best possible customer experience.

4. Gain Trust

Keep your messages short and sweet. Use Captivated for quick and responsive communication with your clients. No need to write a book. The goal is to create a trusted conduit for professional & efficient communication.

5. Be Responsive and Real

The beauty of Captivated is that it is not a robot. Templates help you save time and the variable data in them such as “salutation” will personalize the conversation keeping them authentic.