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Zultys Phones Questions

Changing Voicemail Greeting

After logging into the voicemail press 4 for more options. Follow the prompt to record 1 of the 4 greeting and then select which greeting will be the active greeting. By default, only one greeting is active at a time.

Adding Contacts

Press the Directory button, select Local Directory, All Contacts, and press enter. Press add and type the desired name and phone number. Press save to save the new contact.

Programming DSS Buttons

Before changing any DSS Keys please note there should always be at least 2 line-keys (line 1 and line 2) so the phone can function properly. Press menu-features-DSS keys to access the DSS key (buttons on the side of the phone screen). Select the desired key and select BLF for an internal phone extension or speed dial for an external number as the type. In the value field enter the desired extension or phone number. In the extension field type pickup for the internal BLF option to be able to pick up a call if it is an internal user.

Changing Ringtone

Ring tones cannot be changed by users and must be changed by admin. Different cadences of the ring tone will be set by admin to distinguish between internal and external calls when phones are set up.

Blind Transfer

Press transfer, dial the desired extension or phone number and press transfer again to complete the transfer.

Assisted Transfer

Press transfer, dial the desired extension or phone number and press send. After announcing the call to the third-party press transfer again to complete the transfer.

Transfer to Voicemail

To transfer a call to a user’s voicemail press transfer, dial *86 and the extension number (*861000) and press transfer again to complete the transfer.

Forwarding Calls

Calls should be forwarded using the ZAC or MX Administrator programs. Please consult IDeACOM ECSI for the best way to forward your specific system as each is customized and will use different methods of forwarding to best fit the needs of your specific system.


Press the park button and the call will automatically be assigned a park zone which will appear on the screen. To pick up the call, press pickup, dial the park zone and press send to pick up the call at any station. If the park zone specifies a two-digit format (01) both digits must be entered to pick up the call.

Note: park is a universal hold any phone can pick up. Pressing the Hold button only allow the call to be picked up by the phone that put the caller on hold. Transfer uses the hold function and calls placed on hold by pressing transfer can only be accessed by the phone transferring the call.

Red Light Indicator

The red-light indicator at the top right of the phone notifies the user when there is a missed call or an unread voicemail.
To turn off the light when there is a missed call, tap the redial button and use the navigation buttons to toggle left or right until the Missed Call page is displayed. When the missed calls have been viewed the light will turn off.
When the indicator light is blinking due to a voicemail, the voicemail must be marked as read by saving the voicemail or deleting it to turn off the indication light. If the user has access to a group voicemail, the light will be active if there is a voicemail in the group box that is marked as unread. Viewing the missed calls or marking a voicemail read in ZAC will turn off the light as well.
DND: When do not disturb (DND) is active the phone will not audibly ring and will either allow calls to silently ring until going to voicemail or the call will drop depending on the administration setting for the DND feature.

ZAC Questions

Changing Voicemail Greeting

To record a greeting a microphone must be connected to or be built into the computer to record the greeting through ZAC. If a microphone is not available the voicemail can be set up directly on the phone.
To change or record a voicemail greeting, click on the voicemail tab and click the green Greetings button to open Voicemail Settings. Select a greeting to change and click the Blue microphone button to begin recording the message and press, the stop button when finished. Click the Play button to hear the recorded message. Click the red Garbage button to delete the greeting. To activate a greeting click the box to the left of the greeting so the box is filled with a checkmark and click apply at the bottom of the screen to save the changes.

Fax Receipts in ZAC

Navigate to the fax section of ZAC and click the Sent column. To see a fax receipt, hover over the desired fax and click on the green button for more options. Select show fax receipt and the result of the fax will be displayed in a new window.

Call Handling Rules

Call Handling Rules are used to adjust the way the specific user’s phone manages calls. Unless specified by the IDeACOM ECSI install team, these rules will not change how the entire phone system will ring. Users can set up a rule by clicking on the plus icon and specifying the event, conditions, and action to adjust how the rule will work in the Rule Set Up window. When the rule has been created, click OK to close the Rule Set Up window and return to the main settings screen. Click the box at the left of the rule to activate the rule (a check mark will be displayed) or deactivate the rule. Press the apply button to save changes. Rules work with the top down priority. Use the arrows on the right of the rule box to move the rule up or down. If there are conflicting active rules the rule that is higher in the list it will take priority over the rule that is lower on the list.

What to do when the power or internet fails

If the internet or power is down the phones will not work as they transmit calls over the internet and are powered by a standard electrical outlet. As long as the user has access to Wi-Fi or mobile data they can make, transfer, and park calls when office phones are not working. Login to the mobile app and calls will be routed to the mobile app in the same way they are to the extension the user logs into. If a user’s phone rings on incoming calls in will ring in the mobile app. If they don’t ring on incoming calls it will not ring when calls come into the phone system.

Note: All Premium and Standard users have access to the Zultys Mobile Communicator app which can be downloaded in the user’s respective app store.

Billing Questions

Monthly recurring invoices

Invoices are issued on the 13th of each month.
Payment of invoices is due on the 23rd of each month.
Invoices charge for service to be used the following calendar month.
Accepted payment options: cash, check, credit card (all credit card transactions have a 2.5% service charge, We do not accept American Express).
ACH: Please create only one account in the online portal or it will cause confusion with the accounting software.
*Recurring payments can be arranged for upon request and receipt of a signed authorization form. Please contact our office at 208.529.9400 for further information.

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