Select a Voice and Data Partner with Confidence

Dec 2, 2021 | IDeACOM Insights Newsletters

Business Insights

Effective voice and data communications are critical to the success of your business, making it critical for you to select the right telecom provider/partner. This selection, however, can be difficult because of the many telecom providers and options available in the marketplace today.

While you evaluate vendors, be sure to refer to the below list of criteria to guide your selection process.

The right voice and data partner should have these qualities:

  • Knowledgeable. The best voice and data providers stay up to date on telecom and IT technologies and know how to configure them to fit the specific needs of your business operation.
  • System Neutral. The provider you choose should not represent just one telecom system but should provide you with multiple system options — explaining the pros and cons of each so you can make a better (and more informed) decision.
  • Budget Sensitive. Your provider should make sure you get the best value for your money.
  • Training. Select a voice and data provider who will not only install the new system but also help to train you and your staff so everyone can quickly become productive and efficient using your new system. Your provider should also be willing to step in to train new employees as they are hired.
  • Proactive. Your provider should bring you new ideas and opportunities to improve your system and better support the growth and success of your business.

You want not only a voice and data provider but also a partner. Their goal should be your goal — and that is to help make sure you have the voice and data system that best supports your business now and long into the future.

Fortunately, choosing a vendor with confidence is easy if you select a company that is a member of the Ideacom Network. Here’s what our members must do to be accepted in this exclusive network:

  • Pass rigorous examinations. As a nationwide association of telecommunication leaders, our members must pass a rigorous examination to be accepted.
  • Provide the highest standards of customer service. Each member has demonstrated that they conform to the highest standards of customer service and maintain only the most qualified personnel to assist you.
  • Be certified on the latest technological advancements. Each sales and service representative is certified on the very latest technological advancements in our industry.
  • Provide a thorough analysis of your needs. Only after a thorough and professional evaluation of your voice and data needs is completed will an Ideacom member recommend a system that will effectively support your business operation.
  • Be vendor neutral. Ideacom members sell, install and maintain the industry’s leading manufacturers of voice and data networks and products. As representatives of many different platforms, you can rely on them to be “vendor neutral” and provide a system that that will fit your needs.
  • Receive world-class training. Members attend Ideacom University to receive world-class training unavailable elsewhere in the industry. They also undergo extensive training in all phases of the business at annual meetings as well as attend workshops throughout the year.
  • Be fully vetted. All Ideacom members are vetted by a third-party service for financial stability, customer satisfaction, technical certifications and more.
  • Be chosen based on merit. Not just anyone can join Ideacom. Members are chosen based on a merit system.
  • Offer more competitive pricing. The Ideacom Network is part of a purchasing consortium, meaning our members can deliver goods and services at prices that are very competitive.

As a network of independent voice and data resellers, you can find an Ideacom member wherever you may have offices or facilities across the country. The Ideacom Network has been serving the needs of businesses throughout the United States since 1999. Many of our members have been in the industry for 50+ years. To get the high-quality advice, support, pricing — and the pro-active attitude — you want from your telecom partner, you can always select an Ideacom member with complete confidence.